T40 Glengarry
SmartROC T40

The SmartROC T40, a new surface drill rig for construction and aggregate production, sets a high standard for operator friendliness, productivity and fuel efficiency. Built around the needs of the operator, the rig’s ergonomic user interface makes the drilling safer, faster and more effective. The rig is equipped with an automatic rod adding system, enabling it to drill to preset hole depths and increase the utilization.
Atlas Copco D9C
Atlas Copco D9C

the advantages of the SmartRig D7C, but with more powerful rock drill and more flushing air.
Atlas Copco L6
Atlas Copco L6

ROC L6 is a high-capacity down-the-hole crawler for quarry drilling in soft, medium and hard rock, with Atlas Copco screw type high pressure compressors that delivers compressed air at full 25 and 30 bar. With the powerful CAT C11 and CAT C13 diesel engines the ROC L6 not only provides power, but economy.

"C S Drilling Services understood our requirements very well, and have worked closely with us to set up custom drilling/ blasting solutions in some very remote and demanding locations - a professional and proficient service was delivered on all of our sites"

Neil Stoddart - Operations Director
JST Floating Piers Ltd